By joining the First Nations Safety Council at any level of membership you will be supporting BC First Nations individuals, communities and enterprises in achieving the highest standard of occupational safety and health and building internal capacity to manage sustainable step-change in occupational safety by creating a legacy of safety leadership and environmental stewardship.

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Member Benefits include:    

Enhanced Credibility

As a member in good standing you will be recognized as an individual, company or community committed to our Core Values of RESPECT and our Members Code Conduct.

Advancing Opportunities

Members in good standing will be listed in our online member’s directory with an option to create an online profile of your skills and services.

Making a Contribution

Your membership and active participation will allow us to support safe, self-determining and prosperous BC First Nations’ workers, enterprises and communities.

Enhancing Skills and Capabilities

Members will have access to our members only online resources and general members will have the opportunity to apply and participate in our Safe Legacy programs.

Information Services

Through our online network, newsletter, members directory and annual general meeting and conference all member levels will have the opportunity to stay connected and informed of opportunities and resources from within our network of like minded supporters.

Member Savings

Members will receive discounted rates for training and services available through the council staff and Legacy Partners.  Corporate and Community members wishing to achieve Safe Nations Certification will have their membership fees applied directly to the cost.