General Members

General Membership in the First Nations Safety Council is open to any and all Aboriginal people, businesses or communities in British Columbia including a band, status and non-status Indians, Metis or Inuit people who reside in British Columbia.

General memberships are now available in three catagories;

  • Individual
  • Business, and
  • Community

Individual membership is $120 per year.

Community memberships for bands and nations is $1500 as a one time fee.

Business memberships for first nations / aboriginal owned busisiness are tiered in four stages according to staff size.

  • Tier 1 (1 to 9 emplyees) is $520 per year
  • Tier 2 (10 to 20 employees) is $720 per year
  • Tier 3 (21 to 50 employees) is $1200 per year, and
  • Tier 4 (greater than 50 employees) is $1750 per year.

Through the First Nations Safety Council By-Laws General Members must be aboriginal and reside in British Columbia. They will have the right to nominate Members for election to the 15 person Board of Directors, attend meetings and vote on all resolutions.
Benefits of General Membership include:

  • resources to develop and implement the highest standard of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental management systems specific to First Nations needs and aligned to First Nations’ values and traditions

  • resources to obtain and maintain a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from WorkSafeBC leading to substantial rebates off WSBC premiums (if applicable)

  • resources for oversight to ensure the safe operations of any organization engaged in work on First Nations land or on behalf of First Nations through the “Safe Nations Partnership Program”

  • funding and resources to build internal capacity for First Nations workers interested in studying and working in the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management field and to those entering other trades who require safety training in order to compete for entry level positions within industries and organizations

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