Supporting Members


Supporting Memberships are available to individuals or businesses who shares the vision and supports the mission statement of the First Nations Safety Council.

A Supporting Member has the rights to notice of, the right to speak but cannot vote and cannot act as a director. A Supporting Member can serve on Committees but cannot act as Committee Chair.

Supporting memberships are now available in two catagories;

  • Individual and
  • Business

Individual membership is $150 per year.

Business memberships for non-aboriginal owned busisiness are tiered in four stages according to staff size.

  • Tier 1 (1 to 9 emplyees) is $520 per year
  • Tier 2 (10 to 20 employees) is $720 per year
  • Tier 3 (21 to 50 employees) is $1200 per year, and
  • Tier 4 (greater than 50 employees) is $1750 per year.

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