A Case Study in First Nations Workplace Safety and Broadband Internet Connectivity

In a world of increasingly complex technologies and methods of operation and a growing resource based economy, First Nations’ communities, businesses and workers are finding themselves left behind due to a lack of access to technological resources such as online training, job boards, contractor tender notifications, etc.  To view the case study click here.


First Nations Occupational Health and Safety: A Discussion Paper

"The First Nations population has been growing more quickly than other groups in Canada and this trend has accelerated in the past 10 years. Furthermore, the proportion of the population of First Nations communities that is under 20 year of age is almost double that of the Canadian population as a whole.  With a growing and comparatively young population, it is evident that there will be many more First Nations people entering the workforce in the years to come."

View the entire discusion paper from the First Nations Centre here



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The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network is a hub for First Nations in the province to share ideas, tools and best practices on many aspects of governance and community development.

The First Nations in BC Knowledge Network was developed by the First Nations Technology Council with the generous support from the New Relationship Trust and the valued input of many organizations and First Nations in BC.  Click here to access First Nations in BC Knowledge Network